Practical exposure

To build confidence in the students with the industry based practices and scenario we provide students with regular exposure to our practical facility within the institutes vicinity and to nearby hospitality outlets to have a better understanding of their area of interest. Apart from this we organize regular workshops which is entirely operated by the students where they try to showcase their talent and skills in front of an audience while learning at the same time.

Industrial visits

It is very important for us to give every student a firsthand  experience of the environment that the professionals work in and how they perform there tasks. It also allows them to see things in a real life situation while also enjoying the beauty of luxurious hotels and experience the Indian hospitality.

Co-Curricular Activities

It has been a tradition of our to engage students in various activities which may help boost creativity or my help them learn new crafts or skills. Arts or Music, Gardening, grooming sessions, chef competitions, trekking and other sports etc.