One of the growing trends in today’s Hospitality Industry is to display Towel Art in the Guest room. Towel Arrangement/Towel Art gives the personal touch to the guest room. It is an artistic type of folding that is created by folding towels. Some of the creations require the use of multiple towels and at times face towel or hand towel. For making it more captivating flower or flower petals can also be used for some of the creations.

Some of the Towel Art that are used in Hotels are:

  • Lotus flower towel design
  • Flower in vase towel design
  • Peacock towel design
  • Bird towel design
  • Elephant towel design
  • Towel flower basket design
  • Towel swans
  • Swan basket towel design
  • Towel heart & swans design

Teddy Bear Towel design

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